Digital view of the underground

Finally online: the first drafts of Escape in collaboration with Plan3D. The plan is to make the escape experience accessible from behind the screen serving as a reminder and temporary substitute for the physical escape.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 13.03.15

Screengrab of the three-dimensional tunnel at Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany. Photo credit: Plan3D, Virtigo & Leanne Wijnsma

Paul Dahlke and Alexander Hey, the guys behind Plan3D, normally scan buildings and deliver three-dimensional interactive architectural drawings to architects. It was amazing seeing them break with their daily routine. They dove straight into the tunnel with all of their scanning equipment, referring to the structure as “informal architecture”.

Leanne 7

Leanne 6

3D scan of the tunnel at Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany. Photo credit: Plan3D & Leanne Wijnsma

My escape tunnels are normally open for just a few hours or maybe a couple of days if I’m lucky. Thanks to Virtigo, who meshed the raw scans and put it into a web viewer, diving into last year’s Berlin tunnel is now possible from back where-ever you are now. Choose ‘First person’ in the viewer mode and use the arrows to navigate yourself all the way through, immersing  yourself in soil. Soon I will dig deeper to bring more detailed digital access to the underground. To be continued.

Many thanks and credits go to Plan3D and Virtigo.

Posted on August 24, 2015

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