Excavating underground tombs

Two thousand year old underground tombs were discovered accidentally in Dangeil near the Nile river in Sudan when villagers were digging a ditch in 2002. The tombs are now being excavated for archeological research.

The cemetery dates back to the time of the Kush kingdom. The Kushites are known for burying their monarchs with their attendants in mass graves and building hundreds of pyramids above ground. This newly discovered cemetery is in that sense very particular because it contains no structure on the surface and is fully underground.

Last year 52 of the tombs have been identified and excavated. All of them are triangular in shape and are oriented east-west, with a rounded edge on the eastern side. The full size of the cemetery has not yet been determined. The excavation and rescue project is ongoing.

Download the publication about the excavation and the found treasures by The Berber-Abidiya Archaeological Project.


Ancient tombs (shown here after being excavated). Photo credit: Berber-Abidiya Archaeological Project

Posted on February 24, 2015

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