Experienced tunnel-escapist swiftly flees Mexican prison

Guzmán, also known as El Chapo, is Mexican’s most notorious drug lord. Yesterday he escaped through a tunnel system for the umpteenth time. This time out of the most secure wing of the most secure prison in Mexico, after being re-captured just one year ago.

He went for a shower in a cell and simply never came back. When guards checked his cell they discovered a 60 cm wide hole in the shower with a ladder, which led to a 1,5 km long tunnel leading to a construction site in a nearby neighborhood. And not just a basic tunnel. Well equipped with lightning and a ventilation system, and a motorcycle on rails to transport digging material and soil, the tunnel was tall enough for Mr. Guzmán to walk standing upright.


The end of the tunnel through which Guzmán escaped. Photo credit: Yuri Cortez — Getty Images

Guzmán was already known for digging tunnels since he escaped out of prison back in 2001, after which he was at liberty for eleven years. During his time in freedom he almost got caught several times, but always slipped away in time through tunnels built underneath the houses he was staying in. Right before his capture in 2014 American law enforcement raided the home of his ex-wife, which he was able to flee through a secret door underneath his bathtub that led to a network of tunnels and sewer canals connecting to six other houses.


Inside the tunnel. Photo credit: Edgard Garrido — Reuters

And to no surprise he used tunnels for his criminal work also. Tunnels were used to smuggle drugs across the US border and his tunnel structures were used as a permanent hide-out.

That this most recent tunnel escape worked out so swiftly is incredible. Even though a videocamera watched the cell of Guzman constantly over the past year, it could not hold him back. We may call him a very very well experienced tunneler.

Source: New York Times
Watch a video of the escape here

Posted on July 13, 2015

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