Tunnelling as Therapy

Have you ever felt the urge to escape your everyday routine? Do you want to touch some soil instead of the keyboard, reconnect with nature rather than sync your devices? This must be your intuition speaking, don’t ignore it!

I am hosting a tunnelling workshop for the Platform for Unasked Art in Amsterdam on Sunday 19th of April. Come dig your own escape infrastructure by signing up for one of the six sessions, please email me a short motivation: post [at] leannewijnsma [dot] nl.

About the project: Escape is an action triggered by the modern paradox of freedom — masked as consumerist choices, airplane mode and frequent flyer miles. Escape is a response to a world in which everything appears possible, in which we are always connected and constantly available. Digging tunnels becomes an infrastructure to escape and to disconnect. The process itself is a cleansing experience, diving into the raw earth towards fundament and autonomy. Escape is an urge to do something really banal yet essential.


Escape, Amsterdam 2013. Photo credit: Tommi Vasko

Location: Amsterdam (exact location will be notified a week ahead)
Date: Sunday 19 April 2015
Time slots: 9-10h, 10-11h, 11-12h, 13-14h, 14-15h, 15-16h
Public opening: 17h
Materials and tools will be available. Participation is free and at own risk.

Posted on February 17, 2015

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